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  • Improving accessibility to natural and cultural sites in the three municipalities. It essentially refers to all the necessary interventions required to restore accessibility to the proposed spaces.
  • Presentation of the natural and cultural heritage. The implementation of the project will be an important means of promoting and promoting the natural and cultural spaces of the three municipalities to the group of tourists with disabilities, which, due to the absence of appropriate infrastructure, is very difficult to reach.

  • Improvement and enrichment of the portal for the accessible tourism of the regions by utilization/enrichment/translation of the previous joint platform.

  • Elaboration of a joint strategic plan for the development of "accessible tourism" with an emphasis on the utilization/promotion of natural cultural spaces.

  • Development of a common procedure for awarding a "natural and/or cultural heritage site accessible to all" certification mark.

  • Investments in works and applications to protect, increase the carrying capacity, highlight and promote natural and cultural heritage sites.

  • Tourism Development: The creation of accessible natural and cultural spaces will contribute to the increase of visitors, as the disabled are a special group of tourists, who choose the destinations to visit with specific criteria. Attracting a targeted audience to cultural spaces, such as those with disabilities, will contribute to the development of the two islands, as the further utilization of cultural spaces will create new jobs. Research has shown that "accessible" tourism contributes to increased employment.